Interactive Technology

Our Technology

Bally’s Interactive prides itself on creating quality proprietary technology, and with over 20 years of experience we have created a mature and proven technology stack. Each platform works seamlessly together to provide players with industry-leading customer experiences.


Bally’s PAM for North America, UK & Spain

The Excite Platform has been evolving for over 20 years and is now a mature and proven technology stack. This proprietary technology platform is owned and controlled by Bally’s powering 12 brands across 3 markets. Capabilities include a mature and fully featured Player Account Management module (PAM) with associated regulatory and responsible gaming controls, a secure and high-performance gaming wagering system, integration to market-leading payment providers, and real-time marketing systems. Excite also delivers a modern, fully responsive web application and best-in-class mobile apps, utilizing iOS and Android native technologies to deliver optimized and personalized customer experiences. The platform is scalable, high performing, and reliable. Excite is continually under development and being upgraded to the latest industry standards and best practices.


Bally’s Game Aggregation and Gaming Platform

The Engage platform serves the market-leading gaming content to players on the Excite PAM. The Engage Aggregator integrates games from leading game providers such as SGD, IGT, NetEnt, and Evolution. The Engage RGS (Remote Game System) runs exclusive slots and casino games built by internal and external studios, whilst we have our own Daily Free Game (DFG), bingo, poker, and community engagement systems to offer a staggering selection of games and experiences to players.


Bally’s PAM for Asia & ROW

The Enjoy Platform is a proprietary tech stack which powers our leading casino sites across Asia and Rest of World. This platform supports 4 B2C brands as well as 4 B2B brands in over 10 markets (Europe, Asia, and Latin America). They have an experienced tech team of more than 250, located primarily in Sweden, UK, Malta, and Philippines. Capabilities include a bespoke player management system, a reward and bonusing engine, daily free games, and integration points to market-leading KYC and payment providers. In addition to this, their brands host one of the largest slots and live casino game selections available to players within their markets.


Bally’s Global Data Platform

The Vitruvian Platform (Data and Machine Learning) provides a fully integrated, cloud-agnostic data platform which delivers optimal player journeys, personalized content, predictions, recommendations, and reporting. The Vitruvian product suite encompasses all data services, which govern and yield value from the group's data asset, including the ingestion, orchestration, and persistence of such data. Our Data Lakes form part of the broader Data Mesh and are the foundation for our analytical and reporting requirements and the foundation for training our machine learning models. The Vitruvian ML platform is a core part of the Vitruvian product suite and is responsible for the training, deployment, monitoring, and serving of various machine learning models. Model output is consumed by various departments such as Insights, Marketing, and Responsible Gaming.


Bally’s Sports Betting Engine for North America

Evolve is one of the most advanced platforms available in North America. Built for the U.S. market, the platform is GLI-33 certified and live in multiple U.S. states. The platform offers the stability, security, and scalability to deliver best-in-class sports betting experience for the players. Capabilities include Risk Management tools that allow line-management, exposure monitoring, bet alerts, event creation and management, and regrading. These tools are seamlessly integrated into the other parts of our tech stack, allowing the risk team to drill down into the PAM to obtain more player information. Evolve is built on the principles of a microservices architecture, which allows for rapid development, deployment, and enhancements. Components of the application are containerized, which allows for elastic scaling to scale the services to handle large volumes, such as can be seen during Superbowl events.