Making Things Better


Social Responsibility
  • 501(c)(3) Charities: Bally's has multiple active 501 (c)(3) funds to act as a conduit for charitable donations and make a greater impact in the communities in which we operate. Bally's donates to local non-profit organizations chosen by our properties. Bally's will also be developing a corporate level fund to make a greater impact in the communities in which we operate.
  • United Way campaign: Bally's conducts an annual campaign to raise funds for United Way across properties to provide all employees the opportunity to donate, volunteer and speak out for causes that matter to them.
  • Community space: Bally's donates casino space to local communities and non-profits as needed to support various initiatives and events, including the use of property space to accommodate COVID-19 testing in Rhode Island and Boy Scout events such as soap box races and rocket launches.
  • Community hours donated: This year, Bally's employees donated more than 4,350 hours to various community service efforts.
  • Support for Veterans: Throughout our hiring practices, Bally's actively considers local applicants, military personnel and first responders. The Company donates to local Veteran Homes and also hosts a Veteran career fair to actively recruit military personnel, and connect them with prospective employers, and provides free admission for Veterans and active-duty military personnel during "live" season and donates event tickets to Veterans.
  • Vendor diversity: Bally's is committed to vendor diversity by assisting minority and/or women-owned businesses in our communities through our local sourcing of products and services.


Social Responsibility
  • Safety measures: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bally's has adopted robust, enhanced safety measures across its properties to protect our associates and create safe environments for our valued guests. These measures include screening team members and guests upon entering our properties, use of thermal imaging cameras, enforcement of social distancing guidelines, including spacing between VLTs and limited table games, frequent cleaning and sanitizing protocols for all areas, mask protection, and public awareness signage.

  • Employee training: This year, Bally's has spent more than 4,525 hours training employees on responsible gaming, more than 5,175 hours training employees on Title 31 compliance and more than 23,875 hours training employees on alcohol awareness.

  • Commitment to diverse workforce: Across our organization, Bally's has 47% female employees and 30% minority employees, while 22% of females and 14% of minorities hold leadership positions.

  • DE&I courses / diversity training: Bally's requires diversity and non-discrimination training for employees across properties, including how to recognize discrimination, file a complaint and steps that employees can take to support colleagues and promote a more inclusive workplace.

  • Employee relief funds: Bally's commits $100,000 annually to its employee relief funds, which provide financial assistance to employees who have experienced severe hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic and for financial hardships going forward such as natural disasters, serious of life-threatening injuries or funeral or death-related expenses.

  • Scholarship programs: For employees seeking higher education, Bally's has a program to help alleviate the high costs of tuition so that employees can earn advanced degrees and return to the company as more accomplished individuals better positioned to contribute to our organization. This past year, Bally's contributed more than $200,000 to employees for higher education tuition.

  • Safety Chip program: Bally's "Safety Chip" program rewards employees for implementing safe activity in the workplace.
  • Veterans Day lunch: Each Veterans Day, Bally's hosts celebratory luncheons with special presentations across our properties in support of military personnel and their families.
  • Wellness programs: Bally's engages in a number of employee wellness initiatives, including an annual Blood Drive, wellness fair, flu shot clinic, UHC weight loss program, Biggest Loser challenge, "Step It Up" walking challenge, employee dining programs and a property sanitation program. Bally's distributes a weekly wellness communication to employees providing helpful tidbits on staying healthy. The Company also offers a wellness fund through their medical benefits provider which gives associates the opportunity to earn Fitbits through the completion of certain wellness initiatives.


Social Responsibility
  • Carbon footprint reduction: Since 2011, Bally's has successfully reduced our carbon footprint by an average of 2,327 tons per year at our Twin River property in Rhode Island.
  • Lightbulb conversion: Bally's has successfully converted its lightbulbs to modern, energy efficient models at multiple properties to reduce our carbon footprint. At our Twin River property, where the initiative was completed in 2018, we have achieved carbon reduction of 915 tons per year and average yearly savings of $168,505.
  • Demand response: Bally's participates in programs run by local utilities and regional power distribution organizations to remove part of all of the electric load from the utility grid on peak days when requested in order to save energy, reduce the need for fossil fuel power plants and help integrate renewable energy onto the electric grid by providing increased stability and management.
  • Fuel conversion: Bally's has successfully converted from oil and other fuel sources to cleaner, more efficient natural gas sources at multiple properties in order to reduce our carbon footprint. At our Twin River property, this has resulted in carbon reduction of 1,412 tons per year and average yearly savings of $950,000.
  • Solid waste recycling: Bally's has solid waste recycling programs across properties, with the goal to reduce waste tonnage by 5% by eliminating recyclables from the waste stream. At our Twin River property, we average 9.2 tons per month in recycling disposal, which represents approximately 7.5% of the total waste generated by the casino and hotel.
  • Vegetable oil recycling: Bally's recycles vegetable oil used across its properties. Instead of paying for disposal, Bally's sells the used oil to companies who use it to produce biofuels.


Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Governance guiding documents: Bally's has developed and maintained robust corporate governance documents including our Code of Business Conduct, Corporate Governance Guidelines, Bylaws and Charters.
  • ESG Steering Committee: Bally's has created an ESG Steering Committee to oversee and provide executive sponsorship for our corporate ESG strategy, goals and initiatives.
  • Board diversity: Bally's is committed to maintaining a diverse make-up of our Board of Directors, including diversity of race, gender, ethnicity and experience.
  • Data privacy and security: At Bally's, Data Privacy and Security is essential to the trust of our guests and employees. We work hard to ensure that our team members are aware and supported by technology to protect everyone, and we continually evaluate and update our procedures and training in this area.
  • Anti-Money Laundering trainings: Bally's requires all property leaders, all new hires and rehires, and all employees handling / verifying large current transactions to undertake a series of annual trainings on Anti-Money laundering practices in order to ensure proper compliance.


Social Responsibility
  • Responsible Gaming trainings: Responsible Gaming is a top priority for Bally's. The Company has a corporate policy which requires all employees to be trained on responsible gaming in order to ensure staff members are prepared to provide assistance to individuals who may be unable to keep their gambling at responsible levels. In 2020, Bally's spent more than 4,500 hours training staff members.
  • Responsible Gaming programs: Bally's is a member of the National Council on Problem Gambling. Our properties participate in Responsible Gaming programs provided by their respective regulators including Self-Exclusion programs. Certain Bally's properties have Responsible Gaming Champions that are provided additional training to support this initiative.
  • Responsible Gaming Information Per Location

MRS Award for New Consumer Insights

Communicating responsible gambling is a very good example of how new consumer insight has led to a new approach in customer communication on a serious issue that became more serious during the pandemic lockdowns. It is interesting how important the tonality of messages proved to be. This entry demonstrated some very measurable outcomes from the research.

The judges said ‘the Irrational Agency went above and beyond with this very worthy project. Their depth research across all gambler types established that a preventative approach is essential for those who don’t have the foresight to know they are at risk.”



The Bally’s Foundation is an independent charity organisation funded by Bally’s Corporation. The Foundation is our way of contributing to a cause which will touch so many of us over the course of our lives.

Issues of mental health have long been met with stigma and mistrust within our society, but we believe that change is on the horizon. We envisage a world in which mental health is treated with the same urgency and compassion as physical health – the Bally’s Foundation is our way of striving towards that dream. Whilst the Foundation operates as an independent charity, it is also inextricably linked with Bally’s and its subsidiaries.

The Bally’s Foundation’s funds come from both corporate contributions and employee initiatives. We follow strict principles of integrity, respect, and independence to identify and support causes promoting mental wellness across the global community.

Above all, the Bally’s Foundation is the embodiment of our wish to build a kinder world.

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